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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Not Personal...It's Strictly Business! Kyle Orton Faces The Denver Broncos

For Kyle Orton, starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday’s contest against the Denver Broncos is more than just another football game…more than just a game against a AFC West Division opponent…more than just a game that could decide the fate of a rival’s playoff hopes…for Kyle Orton, this game is PERSONAL!  Make no mistake, yes, Orton wants to win because it’s his job…because he is very competitive…because he could be auditioning for a starting job in 2012…but most of all, Kyle Orton wants to win to show the Denver Broncos that they made a mistake in cutting him earlier in the season and replacing him with Tim Tebow!  
Imagine for a minute you are Kyle Orton.  Right before the beginning of the 2011 NFL Season, your team for the past two years, the Denver Broncos, tries to trade you to the Miami Dolphins, but the deal falls thru.  In training camp, first year head coach, John Fox, declares that the starting quarterback job is wide open, even though you have been the starter since 2009.  You easily win the job over the prodigal son, Tim Tebow, who proves he is not ready to take over the reigns as the Broncos' quarterback.  You start the 2011 season 1 and 4 turning over the ball nine times during the five game run.  On October 9, you hit rock bottom, when you go 6 for 13 for a total of 34 yards in the first half of the game against the San Diego Chargers, throwing your seventh interception of the season.  You start the second half of the game on the bench and watch Tebow and his awkward style take the Broncos within a last gasp pass of coming back to beat the Chargers.  By the beginning of next week, the writing is on the wall - you are now demoted to THIRD on the depth chart behind starter, Tim Tebow, and back up quarterback Brady Quinn.  Your career as a Denver Bronco is over - it’s just a matter of time until you are released.  (Which comes six weeks later)   Fast forward to Week #17 of the 2011 NFL season:  you are now starting for the last place team in the AFC West Division while the quarterback who took your spot has led your former team to a chance at the AFC West Division title, and is the feel good story of the NFL.  How would you feel?  Go ahead, it’s okay to say it...let it out, you’ll feel much better for it…A little bitter!   

For all those people who have been fired from one company and landed at the competition…for all those individuals who were pushed out of their position by some young kid with an MBA…for all those veteran salespeople who have been taken off the company’s big account and see it handed over to someone with less experience…this Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Kyle Orton is your knight in shining armor, getting ready like a waiter at your favorite restaurant to serve a meal called REVENGE.   

Now, I understand how some people will say “it’s strictly business – it’s not personal,” just like Michael Corleone stated with a straight face in The GODFATHER.  Kyle Orton has a job to do and as quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, his job is to lead the offense to victory.  I’m sure that is first and foremost on Orton’s mind.  However, towards the end of the game this weekend between the Chiefs and the Broncos, with seconds left, if the Chiefs are winning, and it appears that the outcome has all but been determined, take a look at the Chiefs’ sidelines.  If you see a smile appearing on Orton’s face, I’ll bet that he is thinking - REVENGE, How Sweet The Sound!!! 

It’s Strictly Business – It’s Not Personal!

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